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Irrigation systems are a necessity in Gilbert. When properly installed and maintained, drip irrigation helps save gallons of otherwise wasted water. How? Drip irrigation greatly reduces evaporation that would otherwise occur in methods such as flood or overhead sprinklers. Drip application is the process of delivering water to the roots; this slow application is mandatory and saves money.

Drip irrigation systems can either be located on the surface or farther down near the root zone. Because drip systems are in direct contact with the earth, they are prone to sudden leaks due to damage from roots, insects, rodents and pressure issues. Drip irrigation is common in Gilbert due to extreme heat.

Drip irrigation is composed of valves that open and close allowing water to pass. It also has to be regulated down to a pressure of 15-30 PSI, this is done by a pressure regulator that is installed after the valve. A properly installed drip system should always have a filter after the valve to trap particles and sediment from clogging the emitters. AZ Irrigation is Gilbert’s drip irrigation repair specialist!

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As technology is constantly changing, drip irrigation systems have several innovative methods to distribute water. These include the following: adjustable emitters, jet spray applicators, mini quart droppers, pressure compensating shrubblers, pinch-drop emitters, down spray emitters and t-tape soaker hose. Whatever you need, AZ Irrigation can apply the proper application emitter.

Many drip irrigation systems use a method called fertigation. Traditional fertilizing methods such as a time released and micro-spray heads are not as effective since the water is dripped directly into the soil. To resolve this issue, drip systems have the option to mix liquid fertilizer in with the existing irrigation. In going this route it’s important to always monitor your drip lines to check for leaks and weak areas. A leak that is not fixed in a timely manner could cause uneven irrigation as well as too much fertilizer.

Trouble shooting and maintaining your drip irrigation system is all about preventative maintenance and awareness. Set your watering times when you normally spend time in your landscape oasis. Look for pooling water, all water will eventually rise. Inspect each plant, tree, flower and garden weekly. If you don’t have enough water distribution, call today!

Our Gilbert Irrigation Repair Pricing:
  • Service call - $60 includes first 1/2 hour labor
  • Valves - start at $60
  • Controllers - start at $225
  • Pop-up heads - start at $6
  • Drips parts - start at $4

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