sprinkler timers

An irrigation timer is the core of your sprinkler/irrigation system. This is what turns your system on and off to ensure your yard stays healthy and green. At AZ Irrigation we repair and replace irrigation timers and provide a 5 year warranty on all parts. There are a variety of options when it comes to a sprinkler timer system.

  • Most irrigation timers come in 4, 6,9,12 and 18 station capacity; this refers to the amount of valves that can be operated from a single system.
  • Most systems can be mounted in a waterproof box outside, or inside the home.
  • You can now control your system by a computer application that you can control from your favorite smart phone device.
  • Smart timers are the latest innovation on the market; this system allows information to be sent directly to the system to adjust accordingly with the current weather.
  • At AZ Irrigation, we always carry commercial and high residential grade timers. We use these timers for two reasons; they are high quality and come with a 5 year warranty.

Don’t want a high-grade timer? No problem, if you supply the timer, we will be more than happy to install it for a mount fee. Please keep in mind, we do not provide a warranty on timers that are not purchased from us.

Timers are either hard wired to the electrical box, or plugged into an outlet. For timers that are plugged in outside, a waterproof GFI cover will be needed for protection against outside elements.

Irrigation timers are essential to having efficient water conserving irrigation system. Call today to schedule your free timer repair estimate or upgrade, 1-800-420-6010

Our Sprinkler Repair Pricing:
  • Service call - $60 includes first 1/2 hour labor
  • Valves - start at $60
  • Controllers - start at $225
  • Pop-up heads - start at $6
  • Drips parts - start at $4

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